Pitico Wallet

Online wallet for saving your cryptocurrency

Our task is to develop the fastest and most reliable wallet.

About Pitico Wallet Team

We have a separate team working on the wallet. Earlier it was more difficult, we had to write our own libraries and wrappers to work with the Pitico-protocol.

Now it is easier and faster to develop such products – there are many SDKs for different languages to work with Pitico.
With their help and current knowledge, we could probably create that first version in a month.

Now we’re doing more complicated things.

The Artex team and Pitico Wallet teams are teaming up to create a better wallet.

Our knowledge of the cryptocurrency world and Pitico’s programming experience will allow us to move faster together.

Together we have made the first version of the wallet, which we are now actively testing

Pitico Wallet supports:
Binance exchanges
Bittrex exchanges
Poloniex exchanges
HitBTC exchanges
Bitfinex exchanges

Artex also helps in choosing crypto exchanges. There is an example of such data in the following reviews: