Hi there ?

My name is Alex and I am a digital economy fan. ?

My website about cryptocurrency and blockchain.

I’ve been working independently since 2015, previously I only published posts on Medium.

But my friends started telling me to start a website and in 2020 I moved all the content from Medium to Artex.

It’s my team that I’m grateful to. If it weren’t for them, you wouldn’t have seen this site.

This picture makes me sad because you haven’t subscribed.

I was born in Lithuania and moved to live in the United States, so part of my team is in Lithuania and part of my team is in the United States.

This allows us to work on the site almost around the clock.

My crypto team 🙂

Why Artex?

When I was in university I had a passion and played World of Warcraft, I had the nickname artex there.

Now my passion is blockchain and digital economy and I decided to keep the same nickname 🙂

For cooperation, write to [email protected].